Dialogue Questions


1. Of the people I know, whom do I judge has the best sense of humor? HDIFAT?

2. After a fight: Am I still surprised by your reactions? HDIFAT?

3. Do we enjoy learning about new things together? HDIFAT?

4. Am I counting my years with my people, or making my years with my people count? HDIFAT?

5. HDIF when I am around very important or powerful people?

6. HDIF when I consider the amount of variety in my life?

7. What have you done that I have not forgiven you for? HDIFAT?

8. In what ways can I be more tender in our relationship? HDIFAT?

9. How much do our marriage vows mean to me now? HDIFAT?

10. HDIF when we are talking about a touchy subject?

11. HDIF when I laugh with you?

12. Do I see myself owing my employer, or my employer owing me? HDIFAT?

13. HDIF about our bed?

14. HDIF when we do crazy things together?

15. Weather is affecting our moods. HDIFAT?

16. Would I be willing to get professional help if our marriage was in trouble? HDIFAT?

17. HDIF when stock market trends increase the value of our investments?

18. Do I think you would consider me to be a romantic? HDIFAT?

19. If I could change my name, what would I change it to? HDIFAT?

20. HDIF when I need you?

21. How do I measure up when I am given power? HDIFAT?

22. Which of us comes to decisions more quickly? HDIFAT?

23. HDIF about visiting our in-laws?

24. My most vivid good childhood memory is _____. HDIFAT?

25. What effect do the short days and long nights have on me? HDIFAT?

26. HDIF about my job now?

27. HDIF when I let other people talk me out of pursuing a great idea?

28. HDIF when you say, Do you always have to have the last word?

29. HDIF when I try holding my temper?

30. HDIF when waiting in line at a crowded restaurant?

31. HDIF when I want to spend time with you, but you are too busy?

32. HDIF when my life is fast-paced, structured and intense?

33. I look forward to celebrating this day with you because _____. HDIFAT?

34. If you are not free to risk, you cannot grow. HDIFAT?

35. HDIF about joining a dialogue support group?

36. Do I stand up for what I believe in? HDIFAT?

37. Can I be romantic when I do not FEEL romantic? HDIFAT?

38. How well do I really listen to my people? HDIFAT?

39. HDIF when you get all dressed up for me?

40. Is our lovemaking routine or passionate? HDIFAT?

41. HDIF about the way I handle money?

42. When our dialogue is alive and strong, so is our prayer life. HDIFAT?

43. HDIF about funerals?

44. HDIF when you are too tired to respond to me?

45. Our dialogue can be a prayer to our Father. HDIFAT?

46. Mary said yes to God. HDIFAT?

47. Are my expectations about our lovemaking being met? HDIFAT?

48. HDIF when I flash you a smile?

49. HDIF when we receive communion together?

50. What has dialogue taught me about my relationship with you? HDIFAT?


These questions will be updated monthly, come back and look for new questions for you and your spouse.